Fully Managed AWS security
24 hours a day / 365 days a year

We comprehensively manage and operate cybersecurity
in accordance with your AWS environment.

Fully manage AWS security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Fully manage AWS security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Do you have this problem?

Do you have these 
problems in managing 
your AWS security

  1. Do not know which 
    AWS security services to enable

  2. Unable to read 
    vast log data leading 
    to missed security alerts & incidents

  3. Lack of personnel with 
    sufficient security knowledge 
    leads to significant man hours

  4. Priority of Information assets and personal information 
    be protected are not defined

Let CloudFastener solve your problem

"CloudFastener" solves the problem of not having security personnel in-house but wanting to ensure the security of AWS. "CloudFastener" is a fully managed security service that comprehensively manages and operates various AWS security services.

We identify cloud assets in the AWS environment, visualize security risks, collect and analyze OS/software vulnerabilities and configuration errors as well as threats in the current environment. We constantly protect and monitor your AWS environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, prioritize the risks that need to be addressed, and provide support for appropriate actions and responses to security alerts.

"CloudFastener" tightens and strengthens the slack in AWS security and provides a secure environment for you to focus on your business.

CloudFastener service image diagram CloudFastener service image diagram

4 features of CloudFastener

Protect your entire AWS environment from the threat of security risks 24 hours a day / 365 days a year

Continuously monitored 24 hours a day / 365 days a year by security engineers and AI.
Our dedicated team, including a CTO and project manager with experience in cloud-native services, provides consulting and analysis of fraudulent settings, events, and threat information that should be dealt with from the same perspective as our customers.
We will contact the customer only for cases that really require action, and provide treatment and support.

Protect your entire AWS environment from security risks

Combines AWS native features for overwhelming value

By integrating AWS native features such as AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Config, Amazon Inspector, and AWS CloudTrail into CloudFastener, you can achieve overwhelming cost performance.
Also, we do not use any external services. All alerts and log information remain in the customer's AWS environment, allowing for smooth incident response.

Compatible with both development and 
security operations reflecting the latest rule updates

AWS technology is developing and advancing at a rapid pace, and security information is constantly being updated.
CloudFastener automatically reflects the latest security rules and monitors your AWS environment. We will improve the security of your AWS environment.
Leave all the collection and operation of AWS security information, which requires a heavy operational load and specialized knowledge, to CloudFastener.

Implement in accordance 
with your AWS environment

CloudFastener can be installed regardless of the size or number of accounts. There are no upper or lower limits. You can select services according to your company's organizational structure, account status, environment, budget, milestones, and introduce them in stages by priority.
What security measures are needed now? What measures do we need to take in the future? We provide flexible services tailored to the issues, environment, and circumstances of our customers.

Can be implemented according to AWS environment

Difference between 
CloudFastener and 
Other security services

CloudFastener is more than just a service. CloudFastener is "Just the right all-in-one service" that can handle the functions of MSS, the functions of SIEM, which is often used in conjunction with MSS, and even the identification of scope and protection that could not be covered by previous services.
By combining security engineers and AI, we have made it possible to take advantage of the best features at a practical level.

CloudFastener coverage area image diagram

* As an option, we can handle some recovery tasks.

 Security measures guidelines
AWS Security Maturity Model

The AWS Security Maturity Model is a model that quantitatively measures the extent to which security measures are implemented when designing, developing, and operating systems on AWS.

By designing, developing, and operating in accordance with this model, the security level will naturally increase.

CloudFastener aligns with this AWS Security Maturity Model and helps organizations quickly adopt security best practices.

AWS Security Maturity Model Diagram

AWS Foundation Technical Review
(FTR) Certified Service

CloudFastener is an AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) certified service.

* AWS Foundation Technical Review (FTR) is a review that examines risks in AWS partners' solutions and products running SaaS, packages, etc. on AWS. FTR reviews are conducted to ensure that AWS best practices are followed from three perspectives: security, reliability, and operational excellence.

AWS Security Maturity Model Diagram


About CloudFastener


You can flexibly select and combine the services you need based on your AWS environment, your company's resources, and the security services you apply.

  • Threat Detection

    threat detection

    Integrates with Amazon GuardDuty to continuously monitor, investigate and analyze threats. Threats are reported along with prevention methods and corrective action.

  • Protector for Container

    Container runtime defense and

    Deploy the agent in a container running on Fargate.
    It monitors system calls that occur on containers, and detects and notifies behavior that violates rules as abnormal values.
    Automatic blocking of system calls is also possible.

  • Protector for Server

    Amazon EC2 event monitoring

    Monitors events that occur on Amazon EC2 (file tampering, unauthorized access, detection of unauthorized files) and detects and notifies abnormalities.

  • Cloud Audit

    Trail timeline generation, notification

    Create a timeline and monitor AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config events.
    We detect and notify customers of unauthorized operations such as unexpected AWS resource operations and AWS console logins.

  • Workload Vulnerability Scanner

    Vulnerability detection

    We continuously monitor vulnerability scan results for EC2, ECR, Lambda, etc. and present vulnerability remediation plans.
    When used with WAF or Network Firewall, it is also possible to create custom signatures based on vulnerability scan results.

  • Managed Network Firewall

    managed network fire
    wall service

    As a managed service for AWS Network Firewall, we will respond to customer requests such as monitoring logs and creating communication blocking rules.

  • Security Guardrail

    Security standards monitoring

    We monitor compliance with "AWS Foundational Security Best Practices", "CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark", and "PCI DSS", detect and notify deviating resources, and present corrective measures.
    We will also modify the resources to suit your needs.

  • Resource Inventory

    AWS resource inventory visualization

    Visualize AWS resource information, identify shadow resources, and investigate resource settings in combination with other services.
    * Standard feature

Deployment milestones

  • Phase 1 1-3 weeks

    Assessment (free of charge)

    Know where you are

    • Fill out the assessment sheet
    • Organizing the current environment
    • Understanding emerging issues
    • Investigation of potential issues
    • Understand costs after phase 2
  • Phase 2 1-3 months

    Assessment (paid)

    Preparation for introducing CloudFastener

    • Detailed understanding of system configuration
    • Detailed understanding of the operational system
    • Security service activation support
    • Security alert remediation support
    • Determining the introduction menu
    • CloudFastener cost estimation
  • Phase 3 1-4 weeks

    Implement CloudFastener

    Start of MSS operation, onboarding

    • Fill out the hearing sheet
    • System implementation
    • Onboarding
    • Start of MSS operation

About Amazon Security Lake Integrations

Amazon Security Lake is a service that centralizes security data from cloud and custom sources to improve security visibility.
By utilizing Amazon Security Lake, customers can gain more effective insight into security alerts and data across their organizations.

CloudFastener leverages Amazon Security Lake in order to make it easier to consolidate security data from customers' cloud environments.

Amazon Security Lake benefits

  • Format

    Since most security architecture is constructed of different types of solutions, you need to be able to leverage various formats in order to generate logs and datas.
    But with Amazon Security Lake, they use Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) format to convert and save data accordingly, so that clients can avoid data silos.

  • Centralize

    Serves as a single repository of security data from cloud and custom data sources.

  • Scalable

    Amazon Security Lake is designed to store and compute data based on the customers' needs. It ensures data retention and allows multiple analysts to query the data they collected without having any negative impacts.

  • Cost-effective

    Unlike the commonly used Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, with Amazon Security Lake, you are able to choose your own custom analytics platform to achieve cost savings.

CloudFastener 's 
Use of Amazon Security Lake

CloudFastener leverages Amazon Security Lake's solution to aggregate data across multiple accounts and multiple regions of the AWS cloud environment.
Then the consolidated data is linked to CloudFastener, where it is monitored 24/7 as alerts are automatically sent out to our customers after risks are detected. By implementing Amazon Security Lake, our customers are able to reduce costs as well as manage data on a single platform.


About CloudFastener